3029 Hilton Road

Ferndale MI, 48220

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Open only during scheduled sessions. Please call for availability.

Recovery Sessions

Physical, mental, or emotional stresses, overtime, can have negative consequences on our body. Injury, chronic pain, and even disease can result leading to piles of medical bills and minimal relief. Recovery uses the latest research and tools to help alleviate these stresses, providing a healthy and effective alternative to pills and poor habits. Stretching, muscle release, and mobility techniques are applied to relieve stress, create connections between the mind & body, and minimize pain & injury.

Percussion & Vibration Treatment

Percussion and vibration therapy can trace its origins to NASA as a means of maintaining muscle tone and bone density. Today, this technology has been reduced to the size of a handheld device. Utilizing multiple vibration frequencies (30, 40, 53 Hz) and rapid percussion (3200 / minute) the muscles and tissue are simultaneously heated, massaged, and desensitized to create an optimal environment for recovery.