3029 Hilton Road

Ferndale MI, 48220

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Open only during scheduled sessions. Please call for availability.

Personal Training

Personal Training tends to have the same elements across the board... Motivation... Intensity... Goal Setting. 


With Brain Meets Brawn we want to keep all of those great features and add a few extra on top. Through our personal training services we will emphasize biomechanics, injury prevention, and pain management while preserving the motivation and intensity needed to achieve our toughest fitness goals.

All personal training sessions follow 4 simple steps: inhibition, lengthening, activation, and integration. Please visit our PHILOSOPHY page under HOME for an in-depth explanation of each step.

Corrective Exercising for Injury Prevention

  • Low-impact exercises with an emphasis on concentric, eccentric, and isometric control

  • Heavy verbal cueing to maintain proper biomechanics

  • Improve kinesthetic awareness, proprioception, and body strength

  • Designed for individuals with previous/current injuries or in chronic pain