3029 Hilton Road

Ferndale MI, 48220

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Open only during scheduled sessions. Please call for availability.

Change the way you think about exercise! 

Brain Meets Brawn is a functional fitness studio dedicated to personal training and group exercise instruction with an emphasis on biomechanics, pain management, and injury prevention. We have partnered with a variety of individuals and companies to provide an array of services that can be tailored to you. Get started by registering with Mind Body to view class schedules and personal training. To see the facility, equipment, and amenities offered please VIEW THE STUDIO. 



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Current Specials

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Previously injured and needing to exercise pain free?

We will gather a detailed injury and exercise history to create an appropriate, individualized exercise plan.

Wanting to improve functional strength but struggle on the movements?

We will teach you the proper biomechanics to improve consistently while minimizing injury risk.

Poor body awareness leading to risk of injury? 

Improving kinesthetic awareness and proprioception will provide your brain with more information about how your body moves.